Aromatherapy treatments and its facial benefits

“Aromatherapy treatment is one of the long-standing methods used for curing illness. It is highly valuing the reputation that it is a combination of Art and Science. The Aromatherapy culture rooted in many parts of the world the high rank of civilizations like, Egyptians, Romans, Greek and Other parts of Asian continent famous by the aromatherapy”.

 The history of Aromatherapy treatment:

Aromatherapy treatment is one of the long-standing methods used for curing illness. It is highly valuing via the reputation that it is a combination of Art and Science. The Aromatherapy culture is originating in many parts of the world the high rank of civilizations like, Egyptians, Romans, Greek and Other parts of Asian continent famous by the aromatherapy. Each of them following unique form to get the wellness from this treatment method. Most of the aromatic purpose of Egyptians investing only for their regional rituals and mainly for the mummification process. They mostly used the medicinal plants and it extracts for containing the Anti-bacterial wellness. For Romans on the extend use these medicinal properties with their daily life in all aspects.

Aromatherapy in history:

Aromatic essence utilizing in external beauty, cookery, royal bath and other medical purposes. The straight extracting of essential oils from various medicinal herbs from various the worlds used in the aromatherapy treatment. At the Renaissance period, wealthy people designing their ornaments and necessity thing with the close connection aromatic properties to eradicate the spreading of microbes. Moreover, massive growth of this aromatherapy resulting in the Second World War numerous people treated their injuries only with these medical properties. Meanwhile, Father of Medicine, hypocrites also mentioning that the bath and vital use of aromatherapy will promote the wellness of mental health.

Materials of Aromatherapy

The materials of aromatherapy treatment collecting from the useful parts of the medicinal plant like bark, flowers, herbs, and its roots. Certainly, usage of aromatic therapy widely using from hospitals to health and beauty care centres. Right now, many products sold under the bias of natural products with similar artificial smells. Such laboratory products wrongly advertising in the market. Additionally, aromatherapy contains the power of smells which can promote the calmness and conscious from severe injuries. Essential oils from the direct extract not come with the form of fatty oil.

It is a pure water extract but commonly denoting as “Essential Oil”. The grasping of Aromatic essential oil generally using in three ways as Inhalants, Diluting and Massage. In these three ways they promote the well condition of both Physical and Psychological benefits. The essential oils used in the aromatherapy to add the powerful elements used in massage therapy and aesthetic sense of beauty facials. They oil produce it benefits only when they apply in the safest way.

Aromatherapy treatment and its facial usage

The Contribution of Gattefosse to Aromatherapy treatment:

Gattefosse is the renowning personality promoting the wellness of Aromatherapy treatment to all over the world. By this cosmetic industry he involved with many experiments and handles the natural plants. When he busy with the cosmetic experiment he met an accident and due that he burnt his own hand on that time he nearly find only the lavender essential. On the hesitant he dipping his hand into the lavender liquid. The rapid curing of his hand stimulates him to make his research on such things. By his wide research on the natural plants of Lemon, thyme, Lavender, he used the entire natural this on the crucial time of First World War at the Military hospitals.

Importance of aromatherapy:

To know more medical properties he tried all the anti-septic elements and tried to use them against the illness of venomous bites, facial ulcers, cancer and so on. All these essential oils come without any side effects. By his research the Predominant name “Aromatherapy” came into existence. His ideas and concepts offer the scientific approach. Through these all the qualifying essential oils and the importance of Aromatherapy was rapidly promoted. He not only penning the value qualities of herbs but establishing and cultivates the large number of the medicinal plants to future generation research.

Ultrasonic diffusers :

Ultrasonic diffusers are the common diffuser when it contact with the air, they produce the aromatic smell. They act as the moisture component and increase the oxygen flow. It is available in the market. The Aromatic plants also stuffed to produce the flavouring smell and they control the entering of infection oriented microbial elements. In spite of its the quick way and filling the room with pleasant vibe. In recent days, the working place and bedrooms all are combining with the Ultrasonic diffuser. Surely, it comes under occasional cleaning method. Morover, vapour of the aromatic molecules must be handle with care the over doze may ended in the health hazards The mild smells can be add with two or more drops but not use in too much extends.


More than the aromatic properties the natural plants used for the other main factors like Anti-microbial, Anti-Viral, Anti- fungal and insecticidal properties in the medicinal plants. The addition of Anti-oxidant wellness eradicate the spreading of Bacteria, Fungus in the air. Simply,Aromatherapy treatment acting as the cleaning property the body and the external environment also. In the Internal body they can prevent the Problems like coughing, sneezing, and other respiratory issues.

 A nebulizing diffuser does not use heat or water, which maintains the holistic and therapeutic properties of essential oils better that other diffusing options. 

What is facial& Aroma therapy treatment?

Aromatherapy facial is one the kind of facial treatments that is prepared with essential oils and the essential powders and pastes made from the herbs and other natural plants, which deeply work to  nourish and offer the glowing skin. At present days, it is among the top of all the favourite list beauty conscious personalities. Due to the usage of chemical cream basing facials result in bad side effects. It is a method back to the natural and use the properties maintain their pristine beauty. The aromatherapy facials are preparing with the pure and effective use of essential oils to restore their skin moisture. Certainly, it always give the soft and puffy feel to your soft skin. Facial is an artificial way to strengthen the immunity of your skin. It gives the desiring result when apply the natural products.

Aromatherapy treatment & facial benefits:

The high quality essential oils always beneficial one for balancing the tone and offers the glowing skin. All types of skin issues like wrinkles, pores and pimples are healed by the essential oils. Most of the Aromatherapy products never makes any harms to the skin but exceptional products may can using it before known well. Aromatherapy facial is always beneficial for caring your skin and it layers. It is a natural way to extract the impurities from your skin. Subsequently, easy getting of natural plants and its use of essential oil may give the home made solution for skin problem without dermatology treatment.


One of the best known natural herb using in thousand years of Ayurvedic massage and other method of medicinal treating. It has the superlative benefits of treating skin problems. Consequently, it is a basic ingredient in facial therapy to alleviate the skin infections and reduce the acne problems. Despite of it cures the venomous stings are treated by this basil leaves and it extracts. The dry leaves also good one for curing the facial wrinkles. it is advise able one for the skin itching problems. On the other hand consuming of basil also good one for oral health but it is advised to not to take on the pregnant times. Beyond, over dosage of basil leaves may harm the overall on the pregnancy time.

Pepper mint:  

In Aromatherapy treatment, pepper mint acting as a cooling property. The menthol in peppermint, a fine cause for its cooling properties. Conversely, concentrating pepper mint essential oil used directly of the foreheads and temples to cure the severe headaches. The usage of Peppermint showing the best result in memory and concentration. Peppermint oil mixed with the shampoos,  hair oils and massage oils to maintain the good health on both skin and hair health. It is often using in lip balms by its effective curing of lip cracking. As a refreshing factor it essential oil used in the mouth washes.

The Benefits Of Peppermint As An Aromatherapy Oil


Lemon is one of the well known detoxifier and the anti-sceptic properties one the elements used to clear the skin from dark spots and pimples. The strong Citric acid content easily remove the dead skin cells and tighten the skin to pave the way for new skin cell growing. It often recommending for the sun burn issues and improve the dark complexion. It maintaining in houses as a all purpose cleaner and the aromatic scent made from lemon a good one for calming nervous system. Without the toxic elements it comes with the fine quality that it can be the anti repellent from the insects. And lemon usage a good to stay away from the allergic infections.


Eucalyptus commonly noting for reducing headaches and stress levels. other than that, it easily stimulate the hair growth. The medical properties of eucalyptus results in the best level of blood flow in the hair follicles. it can also applied in the itchy scalps to promote the fine level .Yet,  applying of essential oil from eucalyptus using in aromatherapy to fast effect on skin healing. It avoids the irritation from the bugs and small insects. As a beauty product it can cure the soreness effect on the skin.

Rose Petals:

It’s also a well known easy reaching natural plant helps in the aromatherapy beauty production. Anti- inflammatory, anti-oxidant factors and moisturizing properties are the best one requiring for the Aromatherapy. Due to perfumes made up of  rose properties enhancing the calming and soothing effects on your depression. Obviously, bath with rose petals gives the gloomy effects on both external and internal curing. If you have no time to do all this simply have the rose tea to cure all your depression oriented issues. The regular consumption rose petal offers good and positive effects on young looking.


Likewise,the nerve tensions are swiftly curing through using the essential oil prepared from the extraction of Lavender. For this reason usage of lavender oil commonly used in soaps, lotions, candles and baby products. Just because of its fast wound healing effect. It is one of the natural herb using as a sleep inducing property. Lavender is common one in the treating of hair loss problems. The smell of lavender controls the spreading of the sting flies. However, It is common one in the Aromatherapy to improve the blood flow.

You Can Reduce Pre-Operation Anxiety ; Lavender Aromatherapy Could Help


The primary and less known benefit of Jasmine is it is one of the very good antiseptic and disinfectant. This oil poured in the wounds and deep cuts to avoid the septic oriented infections. However,It is a strongly recommending herb for the dehydrated condition. It used in the form of inhalation to relieve the mental stress. So, it is a safe one without any toxic affection. For Anti-aging purpose, the essential oil used in cream. lotions and other beauty products.

Black pepper:

The essential vitamins and minerals in the black pepper is a major ingredient in the facial masks which using only for the control of  inflammation and helps to ease the facial muscles. It may seems to be an average spice loaded with anti-oxidant, anti-bacterial by these properties it easily remove the fine lines, dark spots, and gives the better one to avoid skin complexion.

black pepper oil

Lemon grass essential oil:

As per the traditional method, the lemon grass used in facial and aromatherapy as in the form of tea to reduce the drowsiness. It fight against the dandruff and regular applying ends in the good result of control the dandruff issues.  It mostly using in the spas and clinic centres as the relaxing agent.


By noted as a pain  killer, it is generally renowned and recommending for tooth aches. It also filled with anti- bacterial, anti- fungal. it is helpful one for the irritating skin and used to relieve pain. along with other natural herb blend it commonly using in the aromatherapy.  And also, it can easily identify via its spicy tone of smell.


It is one of the natural herb using to heal and clear the severe cold condition. More than that they using to alleviate the pains and aches in the joints. They are using from the long period of history. As per the scientific research they contain the requiring medicinal properties of antispasmodic and analgesic elements. Then it is a common one for pain relieving and anti-inflammatory to avoid the microbe infections. Thereupon it also comes with the all powerful anti oxidants to fight not only the external health issues but slowly improve the internal affects. That’s the reason such primary natural plants and herbs using in culinary products.


The well known benefit of turmeric comes with the special thing it can slow down the aging by its anti- oxidant properties. it easily cure the wounds and pimples are  fast curing. Besides it easily eliminate the dead skin cells and avoid the microbes spread on the wound. Of course, it balances the uneven skin tone. All the natural facials and ayurvedic skin appliances must have the turmeric by its vital usage of healing quality.

Sandal wood:

The essential oils of sandal wood helps to treat the wound infections. In spite of medicinal and some anti-oxidant properties in sandal have the high and valuable by its killing of cancer cells. Most commonly, the sandal wood recommending to apply for external purposes and it is not allowing without the doctor’s supervision to internal consumption. Because, the internal consumption may result in the hard toxic effect. By all these  natural herbs and plants unique qualities by its varying medicinal properties. Commonly, the essential oils like flowers lavender, jasmine and rose have reducing the stress  and also well known to calm irritated skin.

 Wellness of Aromatherapy:

Some oils like tea tree oil, rose tea, green tea are best known to regulate oily skin by containing the anti-oxidant properties. The Aromatherapy facial good one for all the climatic conditions especially it cures the bad effects and causes from the winter season. Generally, the peels and layers of the natural herbs acts as the scrubbing agents for the skin and promote the blood circulation in the internal areas.  Obviously, it is the only natural way protect your skin from the pollution and other factors which harm to your good health and beauty.

Some basic caution should followed in the Aromatherapy and facial:

Depending on a person’s specific medical history particularly on the skin conditions like allergies or level of sensitivity, certain types of aromatherapy oils are not recommending for facial therapy. Most essential oils should be keep away from infants and children for its toxic effect may easily affect them. unless these conditions, If you’re pregnant or breast-feeding, always make sure that any essential oil you use for aromatherapy is safe and won’t pose any risk. The effects of  the essential oil starts its effect of  working within 20 minutes because they are in the form of lipid soluble, which means they are capable of mingle through the cell walls. Some oils are advised to use along with water.Here, it is common formula that following in the massage centre for applying for facial they test it to feel any irritation as by their initial or new appliance.

 Oil usage in Body massage:

Most of the oils comes with the quality to apply on the external body massage purpose only.  Many essential oils are toxic and shouldn’t be taken by mouth unless under the specific care of a healthcare professional. If you’re pregnant or breastfeeding. Peppermint essential oil shouldn’t be good to taking in the medical conditions cancer and other serious issues. Because it may cause the side effects like heartburn, headaches, an irritating skin pores, and mouth sores. So, if you need to freshen your breath, just stick to actual mints. Rosemary, Sandal wood, lemon grass also need verification before it consume or use in the larger quantities.

How to use essential oil:

The easy and popular way of using essential oils is consume them with the inhaler, using it as a form of aromatic handle at in any form which diffuse in the air. It is recommending only by the fact that it can increase the level of oxygen in your surviving atmosphere. Chiefly, the special using of some precious oils only because they have they quality to remove the toxins in the air. Some essential oils diluted with water to avoid the irritation or its strong impact on the sensitive skins. Particularly, the variety of oils not only kept from the leaves but also the important parts like bark, flowers, leaves, stems and roots. Incidentally, essential oils typically using as the methods of spray, compress and massage into the skin.


It is a common method use in the ayurvedic method for facial therapy, it is just mixed with water then only applying on the skin. After all, it can be a leaf , root or any other form and part of the herbal plant. Usually, applying directly on the affected area. As per the needing of method and treatment it can applying in a heating or cold method. The strong pungent essential oil drops of ginger mixed with the hot water then only used for the medical purposes. Some essential oils mixed with water and allowed to consumption but most of the oil not recommending such usage. To make sure if it is apply it will not harm to your health. Some strong essence make a discomfort and irritation on your throat.

Bath and Spa:

Certain dosage and drops of essential oils adding in the water which used for bathing. Commonly, Lemon, Pepper and Mint are advised to use in the bathing water. If some essential may not mix with the water, such insoluble oils may float in the surface of the water. To avoid such conditions sea salts are also using to dilute them. Lavender oils are maximum using in the bathing it can also merge with other essential oils also. The most comforting way of relaxing and curing the imbalance of the body condition both aromatherapy and spa is a good one.


Massage is the form of using the quality essential oil by its gentle rubbing. The limiting level or blend recommending and known by the therapist. The massage of the infants handle with more care. All type of age groups recommending with the massage therapy. But a trained therapist only know how the limit their body can accept without any harm. Before entering such massage method get your medical report and submit it to the therapist. Compare with other treatments it is a natural way and comes with less side effects, the side effects may cured easily. There are so many methods following in the massage therapy by all these natural herbs. Choose your desiring method and make your frequent treatment appliance may give better results.

How to ready for facial treatment?

Choose which type of  facial therapy method will useful and giving best result as per the condition of your skin. Try to avoid maximum use of chemical creams and components.

If  you find any irritation notify it to the therapist who handle your facial therapy.

Try to drink as much water. The lacking of water may cause the imbalance of your beauty.

Use the simple cotton cloth for rubbing your gentle skin. Too much rubbing may result in harmful and spreading other microbes to the other spots.

Don’t use too much of skin cream before or after immediate completion of  Facial treatment.

I hope these ideas may use for the individuals who are ready to know about aromatherapy and facial ideas. All the natural herbs and products classified to cure the human illness. It is the fundamental idea for the origin of  Indian culinary method. Try to use the natural products in your aromatherapy and facial wellness. Thanks for the therapist ideas given by the Taksuubali, one of the most renowned spa and massage center in Coimbatore. Keep your healthy life styles along with your sumptuous beauty.


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