Important Types of Body massage in Spa

 Important types of Body massage in Spa

 “Important types of Body massages using in Spa and  massage sessions has its own significance. Only as the method of relaxing and gain its popularity. It may from the colleagues or friends who experiencing a calm down experience after going to a spa after their heavy work schedules”.

Important types of Body massages using in Spa and massage sessions has its own significance. Only as the method of relaxing and gain its popularity. It may from the colleagues or friends who experiencing a calm down experience after going to a spa after their heavy work schedules. Somebody recommending this therapy and some may threaten that it is not advisable without the doctor’s suggestion.

How many of you puzzling with such thoughts? you may get a clear view about what are Spa and body massage and its efficiency. More than 35 types of massage methods and treatments following around the world. Each has unique standard and healing power each method varied from one to one. Here, you can get clear idea about similar and distinguishing variants in each method. And what would be suit for body preference?

Important Types of Body massage in Spa

The History of Thai Massage:

Whenever the word body massage or spa comes in to the mind it finally utters the place Thai. How it originated in Thai? The answer may astonish to everyone. The Thai massage has its origin in India. It is just popular and gain familiarity in Thai but they devotedly dedicating their services still now. It is believing that a North- Indian court physician named Jivaka Kumar Bhaccha introducing this method.

He is the royal physician and personal doctor of the king Bimbisara and contemporary to Great Buddha. As exactly prove this statement Thai massage reaching Thailand at the time of Buddhism spread over there. Body massage is initially considering as a spiritual and religious practice of Buddhism, because it teaches through Buddha customary practices in the temples. Meditative masseurs beginning their art of massage with poojas and pious prayers to perform their thoughtful work. This practice still following through the committed practitioners of Thai massage.

Concept of Thai massage:

For Instance of Indian origin and background this massage deriving from the Yoga Philosophy. According to the Yoga Philosophy, Energy is absorbed with air and the food we consume. The network of energy lines recognizable as “Prana Nadis”. They take over the energy to the overall body. Except these energy lines other ten lines also involving in this process which are particularly known as the “Acupuncture Points”.

At the time of massaging these important lines and points, When any disturb or block in the flow of energy lines may leads to the pains and diseases. Working on the body massage can sort out the blocks and stimulate free flow of pranas. It is notable that kneading of muscles is not training following in the art of Thai massage but they may prevail in the western massage.

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Generally, Thai massage is traditionally performing on the floor or any other flat surface. Commonly a padded mat laid the place where the masseuse guides the client through assisting various yoga poses and controls the body into different stretches. Some traditional massage techniques, such as Joint recruitment, wrapping the muscle and acupressure are comparable with this practice also utilizing but without the interference of lotions or oils and remain fully in clothes are the conditions following in the general session of Thai Massage. Some body massage centres are important especially perform their massage on the table for the patients who need medicinal therapy due to unable getup from get down from the floor in a casual manner.


Even though Thai Massage comes with multiple benefits, it may noted for some unfavourable condition for some people who may admitted with cancer, pregnancy and those having agony from back injury, back bone disk problems. If any other things makes you frail by applying massage is strongly not recommending in Thai massage Therapy.

 Ayurveda Method:

 Ayurvedic massage is one of the challenging and important physique related massage applied with the forceful application to correct the posture and improve the blood flow. According to Ayurveda, diseases are constituted only by the human health imbalances. To treat the imbalances this method consider the various factors taken into the account including diet, Colour therapy, aromatherapy, touch therapy even sound therapy to make the better improvement in health condition.  Basing on the patient’s health imbalances Ayurveda system suggest how to invoke the five senses and make the healthy interaction between the body and atmosphere to interact with the environment in order to initiate the stable balance.

 Important Techniques of Ayurveda Massage:

This body massage concentrates on hands, forearms, elbows and feet these are the points applied with and well-oiled balls. They cautiously used moderate amount oil as need of the client’s body condition. The treatment which needs some powerful way of approach they use their feet and hang with the help of rope to maintains the constant massage process particularly on the muscle tissue. Therapist can slightly change their foot position to with the dipping of the oil and applied it on arms, legs and bending position of back on the flat surface. It seems to little bit strange to the clients and patients but it is a common stimulating process for the muscle tissues. Later they concentrate on the trivial group muscle tissues in abdominal areas. In this part therapist concentrate on both gentle kneading and stretch on the smooth way.

They move their massage one place to another place for inter connect process of organs. While doing the massage muscle tissues on lymph functions and promote the digestive system. It can easily eliminate the toxins by the internal way of purification.  Ayurvedic therapy always suggest and using the herbs and natural oil for its treatment. By this usage skin absorb the high level of nourishment and keep the moisture on skin after the finishing of massage session. At the period of massage and kneading the substance of oil focused to the heart. High essences of oil beneficial one to cure the stretch marks ensure the healthy and tighten skin giving the age reducing glow.

Impact of the Ayurvedic massage:

The impact of Ayurveda massage advantageous one for all the parts of body. It cures diverse problems with an hour of massage period. It effects mainly on the following parts:

  • Provide the deep and satisfied sleep schedule
  • Improve the tissue generating and control ageing processes
  • Promote lungs and the digestive functions.

Indian massage has its fine impact on Improve the blood flow all over the body, the respiratory functions on lungs and digestive functions of the body resolve the struggles with the ageing processes and reduce the obesity problems. Attending regular sessions of Ayurvedic massage provides it utilization on eradication of toxins, resolve the chronic problems and increase the body immunity level. It offers the perfect conclusion for the disc problems in the back and obesity related issues. Internal energy helps to attain the balance and fight for the infections against the disease.

Apart from its healing properties, Indian Ayurvedic massage is a desirable treatment by comforting the human mind by wipe out the stress, anxiety and other problems of difficulty. After the completion massage therapy the feeling of relaxation occurred this is the expected result from the result.

The benefits of herbal usage:

Ancient countries exclusively pick the choice of oils and herbs for the massage purpose to reduce and the pain away. It is the ancient form of pain relief method by its quick soothing effect. Indian head massage is a traditional custom and Ayurvedic form of soothing and curing stress. It is a workout on the dry scalps it also helps to pave the way for maintaining the strong hair and healthy scalp.

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Prenatal massage is an advisable gentle therapy designed to ease the pain, stress complexities which are related with the pregnancy. An outline massage table and pillows specially preferred for pregnant women for their comfort ability. This massage offers better sleep and balance in their hormone. Child massage with herbs is now gaining its popularity. The infant child massage has done with the smooth way of hand movements rubbing on the baby’s body is the technique followed in the massage process.

Swedish massage:

Swedish massage is a Gymnastic movement system with the Western concepts of anatomy and physiology. It is developed in the eighteenth century period. This method uses varied combination of massage concepts used around the world. Masseur’s thumb and finger tip is the tool followed in this massage. It is normally a heat inducing method in your and    practiced with the basic movements and one the most common types of massage therapy. It is a scientific proof that touches and massage stimulates the release of endorphins, which are natural the body pain killer. Swedish massage is considered to be one of the foremost types of classical massage to be developed. For a new comer it is usually 50 to 60 minutes of massage prescribed. At the moment therapist enquires the health about if any infection, osteoporosis, fever or other disc problem issues in the body the simply violate the treatment. It must do at the healthy condition and good fitness. While perform the massage the therapist motivate to drink lot of water because this massage type can easily reduce the water content from the body to avoid such condition drinking water is inevitable. It is a strict advice from the therapist that after successful completion of massage the client not allowed consuming the addictive products like, Alcohol, Caffeine, and Nicotine, which may obstacle for body healing process.

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How to perform Swedish massage:

  • Before entering to the Massage treatment the therapist cross check your medical history or orally enquire to know if any physical injury take place, if any happen they must took special care on the problem to care the body healing and cautious on no further damage will proceed on the tissues.
  • After the review and medical consultation your health report they instruct to how you would lie and how your face position promote the massage. Then she offers a towel or sheet before leaving the room.
  • Swedish massage requires a nudity position to process it well, don’t get afraid of it. The therapist uncovers the party part where she performs her massage, it you need any alteration kindly notify to the therapist. This technique is known as draping.
  • Laid your face with the comfortable side positions then only the spine get the straight position without any trouble. It is a focal point where she starts her massage. Massage strokes namely tapping, kneading, friction, effleurage all are practiced on the back. If you feel any pain or inconvenience doesn’t hesitate to inform.
  • The therapist used the Adhesion process to perform the massage at first she applied the massage oil on the client’s gentle it meant for the lubricate process of the Swedish massage. To make a warm condition on the muscle tissue various rubbing techniques applied on the skin. While the movements of such strokes automatically the muscle releases its tension and breaks the heaviness or muscle knots on the rubbing area.
  • When she completed the massage on the back position she then moves to the other parts like the parts of legs. Exactly, When she completed the massage work she holds the sheet or towel to done with the back side and looks away at the time again you again prepare for slide down back side turnover and then she as fast as cover you again. Then they moved to the front areas of legs, hands, shoulder and neck.

Deep Tissue Massage:

Deep tissue massage was started from the ancient Greek and Egypt. It may seem to be closest to the Swedish massage. Therese Phimmer, a Canadian doctor framed this massage methods and techniques. Combination of friction and pressure through the finger motivated as a technique. It followed the procedure that the muscle tissues are stretched and separated under a heavy pressure and allows the way to fast blood circulation across the body parts. As the name insist Deep tissue massage focuses and works on the structures of muscle. But contrast to other methods it applied with heavy strength of pressure which must be steady impact on the muscle until it getting relieved from back again.

This procedure strongly recommended for muscle tension which damaged the strict tone. It usually handles to maintain the good and correct postures of back pain and resolve some soreness and other sports injuries. It is best and particularly beneficial and has its preference on chronic muscle tension. It is considered as a treatment rather than a therapy. It is not advised to all the members. Clear to note that it is a relaxing therapy but a remedy for the discomforting muscles. There is surely the possibility of pain experience held at the massage session. This may happen due to the therapist apply the pressure in various degrees and it not followed similar angel of the muscle movements. It is certainly agony therapy prevailed after the completion of the massage.

Deep Back Massage

To bear pressure the clients recommended lying on the back or stomach is a safe one. It fully depends upon the therapist how much of toughness she will put on your gentle muscles so please verify the deep massage therapist is an experienced person more than she must the qualified certificate. Deep tissue massage therapy is not safe and prescribed for everyone. People who have blood clots, cancer, back oriented injury must consult their doctor before entering to such heavy massage. Not only such problems the recently finished chemotherapy, surgery, laser treatments and any other major issues not secured by this massage without the doctor’s consultation. Typically pregnant women not ordinarily allowed to such hazard and risk oriented in case of any need to manage such issue she must get the approval of her physician and approach a trained therapist for her muscle problem.

Sports massage:

The ancient Greeks and Romans merged the massage in the form of exercise and followed in their athletic training. Now it is largely utilized by the modern athletes. It initially tries out by the U.S athletes and it gave positive and fruitful medals on their Olympic performance.   The consecutive attempts and trainings can easily lead to the internal pains and injuries for the sports athletes. Continuous training without any relaxation must be a hazard to the wellness of health.  It is a scientific proof that such persons should take much more rest and sleep.

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A periodical visit of two months is recommendable to reset their muscle tone and rejuvenate the body tissues. All over the world they followed unique method to reduce and comfort the pain. In the same way, our culture also agreed to allow massages for dancers and performers of martial arts.  Sports massage is nothing but just a combination of Swedish and Deep tissue massage along with some kind of stretching principles. This massage is designed specifically for the very physically active persons and it concentrate on the body parts that are particularly related to your sport.   So, Athletes often get sports massages to prepare for peak performance, prevent injury, and also treat injury. Sports Injury Clinics are also approved the quality benefits of this sport massage. So, the sports massage accepted widely, and sports massage became a part of massage therapy.

Stone Therapy:

In the origin of human culture, heated stones are used to heal and improve the functions of internal organs. In Ancient times, wearing stones as a habitual practice and they strongly believe that such practice can cure the body illness. Now it’s clear that hot stone therapy is not a new modality treatment. But it founded as a unique treatment using along with the modern hydro therapy formations. The usages of headed stones in massage therapy introduced by Mary Nelson in the name of La Stone therapy. She unaware about it utility and accidently applied it when they having sauna. It ended with some betterment in health then it familiarised with the massage method. The massage Oil is used to steam the hot stones. Not all the stones allowed in this treatment and it not places any negative impact at the same time glide across the skin more smoothly. To perform hot stone massage, basalt stones or Mexican beach pebbles are get fame by the quality of iron and magnesium which helps to retain the heat. Pure basalt stones easily get hotter and stay hotter longer than most other stones. To offer perfect stone massage therapist use the marble stones and it only suggested for the cold stone therapy. The technique of the massage confuses the brain between vacillation and vasoconstriction. This is known as Vascular Gymnastics and it quickly improves the blood flow which aids in healing by transporting the oxygen to the affected area.


Benefits of Stone Therapy:

 Hot stone massage safe only when it handled by experienced and well trained therapist. During the time of hot stone massage therapy particular spot of the body. The basalt hot is recommended for the main factors that it is a volcanic rock which rapidly retains its heat. Too much of heat also not a fine advise for the smooth skin. So, the moderate heat between 130 and 145 degrees are allowed for stone massage session. Each 1 ½ hour hot stone massage therapy period promotes deeper muscle relaxation through the placement of smooth, water-heated stones randomly changes in their massage position.

Hydro massages Therapy:

Hydro massage is a new form of massage prepared with water, heat and massage are the three elements taken in to the care while performing the Hydro massage therapy. The water pressures gently apply into the human body with certain technique. Hydro-massage is also prepared in the method of spa treatment that uses with the high-pressure water jets as the primary tool. It offers a warmer effect to the offended body parts. Traditionally, hydro-massage involved holding of water or other waterproof membranes help the water from touching the skin. If the client affected by any heart disease, asthmatics problem or another medical condition, they should consult their personal physician before starting hydro-massage therapy. Avoid consuming a large meal or drinking alcohol before the hydro- massage treatment. It offers satisfied way of physical and mental recovery.

Advantages of Hydro massage therapy:

  • This medical treatment needs not any masseuse’s special touch. By its warm and pressure usage took the treatment as similar with other treatments.
  • It repairs the muscle tension and formulates the tissues by its pressure movements.
  • It acts as a pain reliever for non-migraine type headaches.
  • It is a method finished within the small span treatment period compared with other therapies.
  • They stimulate the lymph and other tissues to flush out the toxins.
  • It has good impact on the insomnia issues.


 According to Hippocrates, the cause of all diseases rooted on an imbalance of bodily fluids. Taking of whirlpool, hand bath, foot bath, steam bath and hot tubs in this urban life Spa is fast growing cultural trend in the western countries but in the golden pages of history Spa remarked with the culture of social bathing. In that old period social bath can heal the diseases and impurities. It attains its peak by time of the Greeks and Romans. They made it modern in the name of Balneotherapy. It is the medicinal practice of hydrotherapy, which is the water treatment helps in ailing by the external use of water. This method promotes a fast blood circulation, detoxify the body and slowly calm down the stress. But the new form of water therapy is pointedly referred to bathing in natural waters such as mineral waters and its mud. As the point of idea new form of bathing developed and gained popularity. Simply to explain it is a sea water therapy to heal human illness. This treatment involves bathing in sea water, as well as the use of other marine products such as algae seaweed to the marine mud which are applied on bathing. To gain better improvement the sea shore climatic condition itself to promote health, wellness, and beauty.

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Destinations spas are the luxurious method treatment, which reflected the change of a new place with warm climate, peace, nutrition diet and also exercise. It has the quick impact on both health and reduces the external stress and anxiety. The development of spa in the western countries themed with various anti-oxidant elements. They followed the spa bath with various things like red wine, coffee, tea and green tea. Beauty spa treatments enhance the health wellness and beauty as inside and outside. Each bath has its unique benefit. Red wine contains the anti-oxidant property Resveratol, it secures the sun from the external damage like pollution. This red wine mixed with the bath, it is a myth that famous queen of Egypt, Cleopatra used to take this bath to maintain her beauty. Green tea has the inner constructed element catechins specially protects the skin cells and makes it looking younger. Coffee contain the caffeine product especially rejuvenate the brain along with the cellulite. Tea spa unique by its certain hotness. Average temperature of 42 degree Centigrade maintain in this bath method.  Japanese method used the unique method of spa apart from these drinks followed the rice wine bath. This method produces the kojic acid which has the medicinal properties to reduce then appearance of age and remove the sun spots.

General tips for preparing your Spa and massages:

  • The clients are advised by the therapist to bring or wear loose, comfortable clothing to the massage.
  • If you need any special service of need notify them before the therapy starts.
  • Men can need male therapist for their massage or okay with female they can clear it before their massage.
  • A typical massage session took the time period 60 minutes to two hours long.
  • Not all the massages required the nudity form.
  • It is not a good one to consume heavy meal before your massage session.
  • If it’s your first time at the spa or massage therapy consult your therapist which type must be apt for you.
  • Be sure and allow the therapist to do check your complete health history because people with certain conditions should not allowed for the spa and massage therapy.
  • If you find any difficulty in the massage session don’t hesitate to intimate it to the therapist.

Facials manicure and pedicure:

These treatments are wide spread as beauty and cosmetic treatment. But they are mainly linked to your health. Facials are used to promote the blood circulation of veins in it and protect from the infections and rashes from fungi. It involves with the procedures of facial masks, mask peeling, steam treatment and other lotion usages. Sensitive types of skin tested with small amount of portion to make sure any irritation occur before further applying.

Manicure protects the skin and improves the function of hand nerves. Pedicure massaged on the foot, is the place for the joining of all of the body nerves and concentrates on the joint movements. They all are used with the medicated and herbal oil these usage protect the skin without any infection. Aromatherapy consists of using only natural oils and it extracts from a wide variety of medicinal plants. Orange blossoms, lavender, mint, lemon grass and sandal oils are the common ingredient things. As a spa client, now they offering customized treatments based on how they feel on this therapy. Apart from the oils fruit facials are allowed to hydrate your skin.

I hope this information will help the new comers who are waiting for the spa and massage therapy. Consult your dermatologist which type of therapy apt to your particular skin or make it clear with the senior therapist. My special thanks to the Taksuubali spa therapists in Coimbatore, for guiding each form of therapy and the wide spread techniques in the spa and massage therapy. Each form of therapy neatly handled with the well trained and experienced masseuses.

Once again I advise all the clients and patients to deserve your right treatment at the right with the perfect procedure. Stay happy and healthy.


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