Top health benefits of body massage

Full body massage benefits is the good method for your healthy life and beauty. Normally it refers as massage therapy, today it is the famous massage for all SPAs. Now, most of the people likes to spend their time on a beauty clinic or a SPA treatment to obtain their body massage treatments. People knows that body massage helps to cure muscle pain and relieve stress, not only these benefits, body massage have many benefits.

Top health benefits of body massage

Top health benefits of body massage

It is specified that people in various culture has doing this kind of massage in their early days. In origin people in Arabic, India, Greece, Egypt, Japan and China has familiar in body massage therapy. But the Indian and Chinese people are also practiced this massage therapy in 1500 BC. In India, body massage is the important massage for comparing to other massages. Because, most of the SPA provides various treatments, but the therapist first prefer body massage for recommended peoples. The body massage treatments coves your complete body and it helps to gain benefits for your whole body.

The body massage is popular in Europe during the age of Renaissance. After in the 1850s full body massage established and developed in by two American physicians who had studied in Sweden. In the year 1930 and 1940s full body massage become more popular in USA, especially in the athletes. Body massage can be managed by professional massage therapist in a SPA or a clinic. Most of the SPA have a professional therapist with certificated, they can only manage massage therapy.

Body Massage Procedure

Normally, body massage therapy have 50 to 60 minutes and the massage room is also dark with lighting. It makes a relaxation. Some SPA provides body massage rooms with soothing music played as the background. It makes more comfortable during the massage session.

What are the benefits of massage therapy?

Most of the people think that massage makes more relaxed and feel calm after the massage session. Basically, if they have massage therapy terms on a regular basis. Analyze shows that massage therapy has more benefits.

Reduces edema

Edema means swelling and the body parts swell from inflammation or injury. It can form a small area or the entire body. Infections, medications, pregnancy and more number of problems can create edema. The body massage can lower the excessive solution by void it through circulatory system.

Enhances alertness

Full body massage can make deep relaxation and studies reported which people who get body massage have also “clear-headed” feeling. The works also comes that full body massage can improve mental awareness and execution mostly in finding math problems.

Reduces nerve pain syndrome

Body massage can soothe the muscles that clamp down on particular nerves and this provision can guide to numbness and nerve pain. This full body massage can also ease nerve pain created by herniated. It works by reducing the tissue about the problem spots and also permit the disc to move into their real position.


Improves immune system function.

Body massage does a big things for body immune system. It will authorize the nervous system to be the nervous system reaction which guide to relaxation. Body massage also enables the body to send more benefits and energy through healing and restoration. The examine reported that body massage can improves the creation of immune cells called natural killer cells and other immune cells which helps to avoid cancer patients and HIV. Further, the body massage increases lymphatic move which will permit immune system to work more.

Reduces muscular pain and spasms

Body massage can rather reduce any muscular pain due to more reasons. This massage stop the “pain-spasm-pain” series, this is a circle when pain creates a muscle symptom. Body massage also reducing the local movements which lead to need nutrients and oxygen and stop particular toxin and metabolic wastes. It will guides to muscle spasm and more pain. Body massage improve blood circulation and loosen the muscles that can change the pain inside it.

Improves stance

Body massage can helps to increase stance by soothe the tissue. Any connective band of the body can become chronically set and hard this will guide to poor body stance. Most of the SPAs have an experienced professionals who can give best massage treatments for your full body.

Promotes better pregnancy

Normally, pregnant women facing a big change in hormone stages and reduce the making of stress hormones. It will provide helps to mother and the baby since pain can create various problem also doing the baby growth. Body massage helps to increase the body circulation and assist to reduce swelling or pain which used to be occur on mother.

Better sleep habits

Most of the people specified that after getting full body massage therapy for better sleep at night. The research also mention that infants and children who obtained massage had better sleep and helps infants to sleep better.

Increase cognition and learning in children

Children who gain usual body massage described to have to improve cognitive and knowing potential process which has verify by various studies. Some of the SPA offered massage for both children and ladies.

Prevent asthma

Body massage can release the muscles of activities and permits deep breath and obtain more energy. A children who have asthma get regular body massage helped lung function and stop the possibilities of asthma.

Reduces the effect of surgery.

Body massage can improves lymph runs. Its dispose the rest toxins and lymph and reducing pain and swelling. It also helped required nutrients and oxygens by improved blood circulation. A body massage can improve your pain after surgery particularly those who professional heart surgery.

Relieves tension headaches and migraine pain.

Most headaches caused by muscle tension and the muscles which improve trigger points can send the pain impulse to various parts of the body, containing the brain and head. Body massage can improve these trigger part and this will help to reduce headache pain. A body massage can reduced the sleep disturbances, headaches and many pain symptoms in adults particularly headaches.

The Body Massage therapist Ms.Shakshi from Coimbatore said that ” A massage is more helpful for your top health benefits and all must have these body massage and gain more benefits of your health for a long live.






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