Well known body massage methods around the world

Well known body massage methods around the world:

” Well known body massage and Spa methods are used to relax the tired muscle tone and offer certain kind of relaxation by pressing or rubbing the external skin layers. Spa and body massage have a time honoured reputation throughout the world.  Certainly, body massage has varied types of method are varying from place to place. All people in the world followed their customary methods in the world”.

Well known body massage methods around the world

Body massage and Spa methods are used to relax the tired muscle tone and offer certain kind of relaxation by pressing or rubbing the external skin layers. Spa and body massage have a time honour reputation throughout the world. Body massage has lot of types of method are varying from place to place. All people in the world following their customary methods in the world. But all these well-known body massages comes with varying benefits as per the handling method of such body massage therapy. Commonly we came to know, Ayurveda body massage, Thai massage, Aromatherapy are the common usage more than these methods other methods also gaining reputation around the world. Let’s see what the methods they are:

  • Lymphatic drainage massage
  • Watsu massage
  • Shiatsu massage
  • Lomi lomi massage
  • Indian head massage

What is Lymphatic drainage body massage?

Hence, Lymphatic drainage massage connecting with the organ “Lymph” as the body massage name insists. It is one of the important organs connecting to pull out the wastages in our body. The basic idea of the massage is following nearly 60 minutes to 90 minutes of period. In that time the direct stimulation of this internal organ can easily swift for the cleaning process. When the massage performed it improve the functioning flow of the lymph.

By this body massage the toxins and waste can removing from your body and you can easily feel the certain kind of relaxation in a natural way. Overall, surgery and certain type of medical condition may leads to the fluid build ups in the lymph cells.Besides, it may cause the obesity or some inactiveness after your surgery. So, many people by their doctor’s advice following this massage for their good health.

Well known Lymphatic drainage body massage:

However, this gentle massage started from the shoulder then it moves to the under arms and lower parts of the body. The upper to lower level of the body massage position helps to the evenness in the pressure applying method. Of course, massage method can cross the chest to offer better blood flow.

Many of the therapist and doctors advised that the regular practicing massage on lymph can aid to reduce the chance and critical condition of Lymphedema. At the time of practicing this method the therapist advised the client to consume more water to pull out the toxins. It also saves you from the condition of dehydration.

Lymphatic Massage

The benefits of Lymphatic drainage body massage method:

  • Lymphatic drainage methods motivate the efficient function of Lymph activities along with the better blood flow.
  • It increases the body metabolic progress, which is highly recommended for the obesity patients.
  • The better function of lymphatic massage shows it positive aspects to avoid the breast cancer cell origin.
  • Accordingly, it is a good massage for the breast feeding mothers.
  • This massage takes care of your immune system and it’s well-functioning.
  • Overall, this method care the skin care beauty and a relaxing method after your heavy tired working schedule.
  • After the pregnancy period the mothers are recommended for this treatment to avoid the leg and joint pain by stimulating the blood flow.

 Well known Watsu Massage therapy:

Moreover, Watsu massage is a western therapy well known body massage method performing in the warm water. This aquatic body massage therapy involve with the stretches and gentle moves. It is guiding and helping by the well- known practitioner of this method. Certainly, this warm water the gentle rubbing and finger – tip movements all are follow through the practitioner. It is the state of method using to relax the muscle and offer the safe zone of relaxation. In this method the water maintaining the 90 to 95 degrees of Fahrenheit temperature for this condition.

Conditions of the massage:

In addition to, many of the followers of this method recommend this method which offering the relaxed way in the time of floating with the warm water. The patients with high temperature of fever should not recommend and allowing for this body massage therapy. In the medical supervision the patients who have blood clot and other cardiac issues must not try this type of massage. If they need they must consult their doctor and transparently discuss their medical issue with the therapist before they entering into such massage therapies. This Body massage therapy believe to originate from the Japanese method.

Popularity of the massage:

While, it is one of the famous water therapy gain its popularity from 1980’s. This massage following in different types of session each session varied from person to person. Still it  is following only because each person’s health condition and mental state are contrast with each other. As well Spa therapy following mostly in all destination spas around the world. Further more, it is not easily take care through every therapist. It is a particular study and the certified persons from the study only allowing to perform this well- known body massage. There is an organisation titles as WABA which stands for Worldwide Aquatic Bodywork Association.  In addition, this organization does not earn any monetary purposes but giving the prolific training and certification on the watsu body massage.

The benefits of Watsu aqua massage:

  • This massage is a useful one for the high blood pressure patients; it fastly improves the wellness on such high rate of blood pressure.
  • Subsequently, it offers the fine condition on muscles and easily relaxing the tone of the muscle tension.
  • Improve the better level of sleep quality.
  • Well, it can heal the condition of Hyper-tension and other stress oriented problems.
  • It is recommending for the general body pain except any chronic conditions.
  • Increase the appetite and digestion levels.
  • Help to improve the nerve system by applying sufficient level of pressure on the parts of neck, back, and spinal cord.
  • It improves the pain level of damaged soft tissues in the foot.
  • Arthritis and depression illness are reduced by the regular following of watsu body massage therapy.

Shiatsu well known body massage method in Japan:

Similarly, Shiatsu is one of the well-known body massage method originating from China but use and structure all the versatile use of Japanese. While it is a japan basing Chinese body massage therapy. In the olden days, this method value as the diagnostic art.  Not only it is following as the traditional procedures.

As per the trend, this method grooming with new approaches and developments. This massage therapy using thumbs, fingers and palms as the basic tool. Mean time, it is considering to be a similar body massage therapy comparing with Lymphatic and other physiotherapy method. It also concentrates on the internal immune system and aids to its co-ordination with the other internal organs. So, it works on the whole body by the internal stimulation of working.

 Approach of the massage:

Besides today, this well-known body massage medicinal art combines with numerous style of method. In this treatment method, the therapist initially analyse what are the imbalance occurring in the client’s body then only the therapist procedures starts. Basing on the energy level of the patient the rubbing, kneading and other stretches handled in this therapy. Shiatsu method following in the varying session on the level of their body imbalance. Somebody may cure with one month of session or other emotional issues and stress oriented people may need regular session of Shiatsu.

olive oil massage

Benefits of Shiatsu body massage:

  • It helps to promote the proper body condition on the balance of human body.
  • Treating general illness and pains
  • Promote the nerve relating issues and reducing the stress level.
  • Good treatment for muscle pains and its improving conditions.
  • While, it shows better improvement in the fatigue condition.

Well known Indian Head massage:

Definitely, Indian Head massage is a massage therapy dates from the several decades. It is a well- known massage therapy not only applying in the foreheads or the temple but also the surrounding parts including neck. Shoulder and face. The particular Indian head massage performing with the oil usage and without oil usage. This head massage origins from the Indian Ayurveda massage therapy. Comparing with other treatment therapies the head massage takes nearly 30 minutes to 45 minutes. The straight position of the sitter is require the therapist and it also concentrates and treats the pain and muscle tensions in the neck, shoulder, and arms. As per the Ayurvedic principle, it is a holistic practice used to conjoint both the body and spirit.

The applying method in the massage therapy:

Otherwise, it is factual truth that the important energy centres of the human body surrounded near the head. To stimulate and activate this centres the individual can easily maintain the body balance. For long living the herbs and spices also including as the main ingredient of head massage therapy. This massage therapy not required any certification but around the world many student expanding their research and models on the Indian head massage therapy. The common natural ingredients of Indian head massage including with aroma therapy elements of Almond, Coconut, hibiscus and henna.

Health benefits of Indian head massage:

  • It improves the growth of hair and strengthens the hair follicles.
  • Improve the oxygen and reduce the carbon- di-oxide level in the blood circulation.
  • However, it improves the concentration and memory levels.
  • The regular head massage sessions may improve the migraine conditions.
  • Prevent from the allergic and sinus issues.
  • Surely, it protects the scalp and helps its nourishment.
  • Relieve insomnia issues

Well known Lomi lomi body massage in Hawaii:

Certainly, it is a well – known Hawaiian massage therapy which typically combines all the methods generally recommending for the body massage therapy. On the other hand, it uses the oil massage, varying breathing techniques, Physical dance movements and prayers all are handling. Lomi lomi massage therapy has the basic belief that not only mind and brain but every particles of the human body cell contain the memory. This massage therapy recommending for the children to boost their memory technique and reduce the labour pain. They starts this method with the deep devotional prayer. In this method has the concept that love, deep breath and union are the fundamental factors for the human harmony.

Ayurveda recognises specific points, called "marma", on the body and head, where massage has specific benefits.

Many people believes that this method has the similar technique with the Swedish body massage therapy. Some of them have the belief that this massage is a form of marital art, which offers the internal strength, focus view and dedicated mind set. The traditional lomi lomi methods used to cure the illness of joint and its adjustments. This therapy helps in remove the blockages and pull out the toxins by improve the internal organ function

Health benefits of lomi lomi body massage:

  • Improve and maintain good body posture and flexibility.
  • Reduce the high level heart beat and pressure levels.
  • Maintain the good immune system
  • Better blood circulation
  • Prevent your body from negative energy.

I hope this blog will give the short spark on the body massage and its beneficial methods. There are many new methods which are inter-related with other continental massage procedures. Try to explore all the massage and its benefits. Thanks to Taksuubali who helps to explore the new methods and forms. Taksuubli is one of the busy body massage and spa centre activating in Coimbatore all kinds of massages and spas specially handled by the professional therapists.


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