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Thai Massage in Coimbatore

Thai massage is the most popular massaging in Taksuubalispa which is located in Coimbatore. Taksuubalispa is the best place for the people who look in for thai massage in Coimbatore. We have experienced therapist for massaging with excellent skills mainly from bali.

Bali is an old method of dance where they dance by painting their faces. The name Taksuubalispa has a meaning stating “essence of spirit“.

Our branches are more popular in Coimbatore where in you can find various types of body massages with unique therapist in all the different type of massaging.

The name Taksuu refers to the spiritual power where it is meant to capture the eyes and mind being functioned in non-stressful manner. There are majorly five popular types of massaging in Taksuubalispa where each massaging has a unique benefit in their own way.

People come for massaging to get relief from their daily stress they face in day today life. Massaging not only reduces stress but also lowers back pain and avoids unnecessary depressions.

This Thai massage is famously known as Thai yoga massage and is one of the ancient methods where the therapists use yoga techniques for massaging. In this method the receiver will be given a mat to lie down so that they can perform the yoga techniques by stretching their body easily. The receiver will have only a solo therapist and there will be frequent contact for both the receiver and therapist.

The way how Thai massaging is applied to the receiver is that they will be positioned with various yoga postures and the therapist will start to massage the stretching joints of the body with a little pressure applied by their hand. Here the therapist uses their hands, knees, legs and feet to make the receiver to be placed in required yoga posture. The Thai massaging will last for minimum 2 hours. The receiver can maintain the balance of the body by stretching it fully under pressure.

The ayurvedic principle is also included with assisted yoga posts. With the gentle pressure given by the therapist they massage each and every joint of the body very slowly by rubbing it with their hands. Sometimes the therapists use their hands to hold the receiver in a yoga posture and massage using their feet.

In Thai SPA massaging there is no oil or lotions used. The Thai massage SPA is done in such a way that the clean air is inhaled by the receiver which runs through the lungs and along all the parts of the body which is a perfect yoga technique.


1. As the air is circulated in the body it INCREASES BLOOD CIRCULATION.

2. BLOOD PRESSURE is REDUCED by doing massaging.

3. It is also used to INCREASE BREATHING as it is practiced by yoga technique.


5. It helps to clear our mind and make us FREE from STRESS.

Taksuu bali spa is the best place for Thai massaging in Coimbatore, at the standard rate by the expert therapist. We welcome you to visit our SPA know our dedicated service.

SPA "TAKSUU" is a unique and only spa of Thai massage in COIMBATORE.