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Bali Ayurveda

TAKSUU BALI SPA is the best place for the AYURVEDIC MASSAGING which is located in COIMBATORE. There is no gender difference and age. It is suitable for ALL CATEGORY aged people.

AYURVEDIC MASSAGING is an older method of massaging which includes combination of Ayurvedic medicine. The most preferred medicine in Ayurveda that is used for massaging is MEDICINAL OIL which is the combination of many natural roots.

This massage is mainly done to balance between the BODY and MIND. Two therapists do massaging if NEEDED.

The ayurvedic massage is mainly done for giving NUTRIENT to the skin and to eliminate the toxins that are present in your body.

SPA "TAKSUU" is a unique and only spa of Bali Ayurveda massage in COIMBATORE.

Ayuvedic body massage is part of Ayurvedic medicine, and is the oldest medicine in the world. It uses warm medicated oils.

The benefits are that it rejuvenates the skin, tones muscles, eliminates toxins, improves blood circulation, improves digestion, strengthens the muscles and promotes youthfulness.

Relax and enjoy unique techniques of a Balinese facial massage while improving your appearance!


It will make the SKIN to rejuvenate.

It will STRENGTHEN the muscle.


It helps in good digestion.

TAKSUU BALI SPA which is located in COIMBATORE is the best place for AYURVEDIC MASSAGING. We welcome people to visit our SPA and experience our SERVICE.